The holiday season gets crazy for a lot of us.

The cookies have been baked, holidays cards are out, and your house looks like Martha May Whovier decked the halls, but when you think about your impending work deadlines and all of the travel, you’re shaking worse than a kid afraid they are getting a lump of coal.

Skip the fruitcake and the stress this year. Your virtual assistant can help you out with way more than just managing your email this holiday season.

Here are 4 ways your virtual assistant can make the holidays less stressful for you this year.

1Have them purchase client and employee gifts

Not everyone loves trying to figure out what to give everyone on their list – especially when it comes to giving something to people you’d like to know you value them and your relationships with them. Luckily, you have an assistant managing your CRM (and if not, you absolutely should be) who already knows who’s on your nice list.

Have your executive assistant purchase gift cards, presents, and handwritten cards and send them out for you. We created a guide to luxury gifts for VIPs to help make sure you pick the perfect present.

2Have them organize the holiday party

From finding a caterer to booking the venue, a virtual assistant can make hosting the season’s most talked about soiree look easy. Let your assistant know what kind of vibe you want to create, and watch them work their magic.

Make sure you give them a list of your most important party items, like decorations, flowers, food, and more.

3Leave the travel plans to them

Booking your own plane tickets, rental cars, AirBnBs, and more is a thing of the past. Why are you worrying about logistics? It’s the holidays, and you have someone around to help you with these kinds of tasks.

The longer you’ve been working with a virtual executive assistant, the more likely they are to intimately understand your preferences when it comes to travelling. Make note of your favorite airlines, who you have miles with, whether you prefer a window or aisle seat, and more, and pretty soon, you won’t have to book a flight ever again.

Some of Quickskill’s assistants know their Members so well, they know exactly how many minutes it will take to walk from one meeting to another within a building or several block radius. If they can manage that, they can handle travel management and making sure you get on the right flight to make it to grandma’s on time.

4When plans change, let them handle it

It snowed, and the flight was cancelled. Let them find you the next best option. No flights are available? Let them book your rental car while you and the family eat dinner. The rental car got a flat? Let them deal with AAA while your brother-in-law comes to pick you up.

Not sure your assistant can tackle all of that?

The only way to find out is to ask. The best part of having a virtual assistant is that you always have someone on your side. And this season? Perhaps it’s the perfect opportunity to lean into that support more.


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