About Quickskill

Quickskill exists to positively amplify people, from every member who uses our service to every person who delivers it. We strive to create a positive ripple effect across the lives of our colleagues, families, and communities.


A Quickskill is someone who embodies the spirit of Quickskill . They are positive, proactive, and enjoy boosting personal and professional growth - whether for themselves, their teammates, or the Quickskill members they support.


A person who belongs to an organization and enjoys both its benefits and its obligations. Quickskill members have a right to the best possible service from Quickskill . They act with integrity and respect when interacting with their Quickskill assistant.

What do we mean by amplify?

To amplify is to make larger, greater, or stronger. To pull forward, develop, or sharpen. To turn up the volume.

Together with the world-wide digital natives who comprise our growing number of quickskills, we are redefining executive and administrative support.

Our managed telecommuting empowers talented people from around the world to do cool work with dynamic businesses in amazing places like San Francisco, New York, Austin, London, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Every day, we amplify people by expanding personal horizons and creating beautiful, human success stories.


Today’s global workforce is eager to use their skills to connect with the larger world, to fulfill the biggest promise of technology, and to bridge the gap between potential benefits and actual productivity enhancement.

Our Story

quickskill was founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley by global financial industry executive Eric Taussig. In his travels throughout Asia and Latin America, he encountered countless bright, creative, motivated college grads stuck in call center and service jobs that offered little satisfaction or advancement opportunities.

Meanwhile, in his work with United States tech companies, Eric met executives crumbling under the load of administrative work forced on them by technology that replaced administrative assistants.
quickskill was born and has evolved into the fully managed virtual assistant service that it is today, bridging the wealth of opportunity in the United States with the wealth of talent in remote regions of the world where opportunity is scarcer.
quickskill offers managed administrative services focused on human-centered connection and empowerment, amplifying the lives and work of its members and its employees. quickskill hires, trains, and manages assistants as full-time employees with full benefits, empowers them to use tools and systems executives use, and delivers performance management and professional development.

quickskill, Inc. is based in Portland, Oregon, with service centers in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Core Values

While our specific offerings are continually evolving, everything quickskill does is guided by our core values, the quickskill COILS that bind us together:
The COILS are our values that guide us and make us who we are.


We always jump in with two feet, putting our entire selves into everything we do


There is no problem that does not belong to us. We turn every problem we encounter as an opportunity to demonstrate our abilities to resolve issues


The state of being whole: We always work to leave a positive wake such that situations, people, and things are better off after our encounter than they were before


We have learned enough to stay humble about all we have yet to learn. We thirst to continuously build our skills and our knowledge


We live by the understanding that relentless giving provides the best guarantee for success

Our Global Leadership Team

Meet our group of professional services leaders, with origin stories that date back to white-shoe firms like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Gartner and fast-growing Internet startups like Groupon and ZoomInfo. We may call a different corner of the world home, but we each use our expertise to improve business processes to boost global workforce happiness along with executive and workplace productivity.

We love operating from Portland, which we view as a “people-connections hub.” But what excites us most is our global culture: we’re nurturing excellence and measurably amplifying the lives of our staff and the businesses we support.

Chief of Staff

Anisa Pongpairoj

Co-Founder/ Finance Operations

Atticus Taussig


Altair Jayaweera

Chief of Staff

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