CorSource Technology Group

CorSource Technology Group is an award-winning technical staffing agency based in Portland, OR. They provide staffing lifecycle management, consulting, staffing, and custom development solutions.

  • Industry: Staffing
  • Size: 1 Quickskill Assistants

Core Processes We Started With

Format Resumes

Job Order Posting

Keep Up-to-Date

Create Skills Matrices

The Problem

Recruiters spending too much time on tedious tasks

When CorSource promoted their Staffing Coordinator into a Recruiting Specialist role, they needed someone to take over their team’s admin support needs. However, they determined that hiring an in-house assistant wasn’t a cost-effective solution. So, they decided to find a virtual assistant instead.

CorSource’s president had heard positive things about Quickskill from a colleague in the industry so, he decided to give it a try. Our managed service approach ensured their assistant was quickly brought up-to-speed and that they never go a business day without support.

The Goal

Free up recruiters from tedious tasks without the cost of hiring an in-house assistant.

Our Solution

CorSource gave their virtual assistant clear processes and guidelines. Their VA learned the nuances of their business and is able to anticipate what CorSource’s team needs. CorSoure regularly communicates with their VA to set priorities and pivot as needed.

Formatting Resumes

CorSource’s virtual assistant saves their recruiters time by reformatting all incoming resumes to meet company standards.

Job Order Posting

Their virtual assistant takes job orders from recruiters and posts them to internal and external systems.

Keep Recruiters Up-to-Date

CorSource’s VA monitors job notifications, updates their internal system (FieldGlass), and notifies recruiters of changes.

Creating Skills Matrices

Their virtual assistant sends recruiters documents to make them aware of job requirements.


Thanks to the coaching and training CorSource’s virtual assistant was given early on, 100% of their work meets or exceed expectations.

CorSource’s team has more time to spend on recruiting and account management. Their team is always up-to-date on job orders since their VA leaves notes for them. They gained an admin support solution that’s more cost-effective than hiring in-house.

“We’ve been working with our Quickskill team for a year and they are a key asset to our team! Instead of having our recruiters work on the repeatable tasks, we have our team at Quickskill to help out.” 

— Maurnet Mueller, Recruiting Specialist

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