Hire Virtual Assistants for Financial Advisors

How we boost productivity for Financial Advisors

Your Problem:
“There are not enough people coming into this industry, and this is not a geographic problem—it is industrywide,” FA Magazine reported last year. A way firms are responding is by using virtual assistants to give existing advisors more time to focus on new and existing clients.

Our Solution:

Managers and advisors spend 16 hours a week on administrative tasks. Meanwhile, the ranks of executive admins have shrunk by 40 percent. Firms that lack the time, expertise, and resources needed to build an administrative layer leverage our managed virtual assistant service.


Offload Administrative Tasks

Where does 16 hours per week go? Scheduling meetings, document prep, email triage, travel and expense management, CRM data management, and more

Support Internal Admins

Dedicated virtual assistants support your internal administrative assistants that are overwhelmed with growing workloads and finite resources

Seamless Growth

Your professional quickskill virtual assistants are supported by a team of managers and trained backup assistants that document your processes for growth and continuity

A Few of the Tools We Use

We will help you leverage your tech stack. We train assistants in productivity technology including calendar and email management, CRM/AMS management, travel and expense management, light bookkeeping. If we do not know it we will learn it. Our promise is that you do not have to change how you work.

Ways We Can Support You

Our service is fully customized to meet your needs. However, over the years, we have carefully refined the following core processes that most of the executive teams we work with utilize.


Document Preparation

Save your team’s time formatting account reviews, client reports, etc. Just give us the templates and content, and your assistants and we will take it from there

Contact Management

Virtual administrative assistants will keep all your team's contacts organized in a single CRM system, so you never struggle to find someone's information and it is always up to date

Calendar Management

Eliminate email ping pong for your executive team. Assistants schedule, confirm, and follow-up with meetings, and place important reminders on calendars


Advisors do not need to spend hours gathering stock and fund performance info, market news and forecasts—your assistants do these tasks so advisors can focus on using data, not finding it

Sales Support

Your assistant can prospect for new business, build lists, launch email campaigns, and follow up on sales leads to free advisors to spend more time with clients and prospects

Inbox Triage

As your virtual assistant team learns your business, contacts, and priorities, they can manage your team’s inboxes and save hours each day sorting through messages

Our Best Practices

Here atquickskill quickskill we’ve used our decades of collective business experience to develop a collection of best practices that drive all of our interactions. Here are just a few of the ways we’ll ensure you get exceptional service.


Keep Contacts Organized and Up to Date

Advisors have contacts stored in a variety of places, including inboxes, calendars, CRMs, spreadsheets, etc. This makes it difficult to accurately keep track of people, network, send emails, and engage other outreach activities. 

When you start working with quickskill, virtual assistants consolidate all contacts as you see fit. After that, they will ensure all your contact management systems are consistent and up to date. 

Adopt Your Communication Preferences

When advisors are networking, meeting clients, and carrying out other responsibilities, they just reach out to virtual assistants using the communication channels they prefer—email, text, telephone, or chat.  

Our assistants will use your messaging tools and respond to all requests within the hour, so your executives have easy access to support while they are on the go. Whenever they are not immediately available, your backup assistant will respond and ensure you get the support you need. 


Whether prospecting for sales, preparing reports, or generating planning documents and forecasts, our virtual assistants are experts at collecting research data based on your requirements and criteria. Your virtual assistant will carefully curate the information advisors need to stay well-informed and support business initiatives. Information we gather for our current clients includes: 

  • Competitor and partner research 
  • Market research and performance 
  • Portfolio performance 
  • Client activities 


Security and Compliance

quickskill virtual assistants are employees of quickskill. They undergo thorough background checks, sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and work in our secured offices with enterprise-grade network security and access control. We work with all our financial advisor clients to ensure we meet all compliance and governance requirements.  


Increase Your Teams Productivity