How to Be a Top Producer with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

This post was written by Karen Mendelsohn Gould. Karen has been a top agent in the San Francisco residential real estate market for over 20 years. A consistent top producer at Compass, she is ranked among the top 2% of agents globally. As a real estate agent working in a competitive market, I’m constantly rushing between client meetings, visiting properties and other engagements. Like many agents, my hectic schedule often leaves me struggling to find time for admin work. Eventually, I realized that to continue providing exceptional service to my clients and stay fully up-to-date on all of my admin and marketing tasks, I needed additional support. So, I hired a virtual real estate assistant from Quickskill. This decision has been a game changer for me. My assistant quickly learned my real estate world, constantly goes beyond the call of duty and saves me countless hours of admin work. She has been instrumental in helping me across so many basic, but important, parts of my business — like updating and consolidating my contacts, research, list building, calling on expired listings, CRM support, and managing birthday and anniversary email campaigns. Here are six ways a real estate virtual assistant will save you time and help you close more deals.

1) Keep Your Contacts Consolidated and Up-to-Date

As a real estate agent, maintaining a strong professional network is critical to your success. However, keeping track of all of your connections is time-consuming – especially if you have them stored in multiple places. Whether you use a CRM, spreadsheets, keep all your contacts stored in your email, or a mix of the above, your real estate VA will keep them all consolidated and up-to-date. Don’t have a CRM but want to adopt one? Your VA (and his/her company) should be able to help. As a managed service, Quickskill has been instrumental in helping me better leverage my technology. My Engagement Manager worked with me to get my tools and processes set up and my virtual assistant ensures that my data stays accurate and up-to-date.

2) Manage Your Newsletters and Other Outreach Campaigns

No matter how effective of a real estate agent you are, you won’t be a top producer unless you engage in activities to consistently nurture and grow your network. A real estate virtual assistant can support your networking efforts and help you stay top-of-mind by:
  • Formatting and sending out email newsletters
  • Setting up cadences to remind you to follow-up with contacts
  • Sending out outreach campaigns
  • Helping you identify opportunities to form new connections
  • And handle miscellaneous tasks that arise
My VA has enabled me to streamline my marketing efforts and launch campaigns more consistently. All I have to is create the emails/other materials and she takes care of all the formatting and logistics.

3) Save Time Preparing Documents

If you’re like me and think preparing documents is tedious, offload the responsibility to a VA who can easily:
  • Format documents
  • Fill in missing information
  • And set them up in DocuSign or any other tool you use
You can use the time you previously spent on those activities to focus on strategic activities such as nurturing clients, improving your lead generation strategies, and staying informed about your market.

4) Streamline Your Listings

Like document preparation, keeping your listings up-to-date is another repetitive activity that takes your time away from strategic activities that actually require your expertise. A VA can streamline your listings by taking on tasks such as:
  • Posting new listings
  • Updating existing ones
  • Following -up with clients whose listings are expiring soon
  • And tackling additional tasks upon request
All you have to do is send them the information and they’ll take care of getting it into the right place and format. Want to learn more about how to gain leverage from a virtual real estate assistant? Download Quickskill’s free guide How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Will Help You Be a Top Producer.

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5) Provide You With the Latest Research

To be a top producer in a competitive market, you have to be armed with the latest information. However, you may not have time to slow down and find the articles you need to read to stay informed. A virtual real estate assistant can resolve this by sending you curated content about:

  • Neighborhood facts
  • Competitor offerings
  • Market trends
  • Prospect research
  • And other information that you request

Keep in mind that, to effectively leverage your VA to find research, you need to give them specific criteria regarding what you’re looking for.

6) Handle Miscellaneous Admin Tasks

Stop letting admin tasks distract you from your core responsibilities. Having a VA lets you delegate the miscellaneous tasks that arise throughout the day including:

  • Coordinating key parties
  • Making arrangements to attend events
  • Completing data entry projects
  • Tracking expenses
  • Etc.

This way, you never have to pause to complete them yourself.

In summary, having a virtual real estate assistant can be a tremendous productivity booster, allowing you to spend more time with prospects and clients, and less time on paperwork, research, follow-ups, scheduling, and related admin.

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