Hire Virtual Assistants for Nonprofits

How We Help Nonprofits Make a Bigger Impact

Your Problem:
Imagine how much good you could do if you had more time! Instead, you are overwhelmed by scheduling, grant processing, expense management, meeting coordination, and other administrative tasks that are stealing time from the meaningful work you want to do.

Our Solution:

A managed virtual assistant service that aligns with your values. By hiring, training, and supervising our own team of assistants, we ensure you always have the reliable, professional support you need, while our employees get the compensation and growth opportunities they deserve.


Reduce Stress

Virtual assistants help manage your schedule, inbox, travel, and paperwork, saving you 13+ hours per week to focus on what matters most.

Quality Team Support

Every virtual assistant is backed up by a team, so you can rest assured that the quality of your service is always reliable, even if your VA is sick, on vacation, or leaves Quickskill.

Amplify People

You can feel good about working with Quickskill. Our mission is to positively amplify people, from every member who uses our services to every person who delivers it, without exploitation.

A Few of the Tools We Use

We will help you leverage your tech stack. We train assistants in productivity technology including calendar and email management, CRM/AMS management, travel and expense management, light bookkeeping. If we do not know it we will learn it. Our promise is that you do not have to change how you work.


Ways a Virtual Assistant
for Non-profits Can Support You

Our service is fully customized to meet the needs of your nonprofit. After more than a million hours of service, we’ve excelled at the following core processes for organizations similar to yours.

Admin Support

Your nonprofit assistant will take over your time-consuming, repeatable tasks so you have more time and bandwidth for impactful work.

Grant Research

Save hours of work as your virtual assistant helps you with research and outreach to find the grants that will best support your organization’s needs.

Expense Tracking

When you give encrypted access to your expense platform, your virtual assistant can help you organize and keep track of expenses so you stay on budget.

Schedule Efficiency

As your virtual assistant gets to know you, you can be confident that meetings are scheduled according to your time and place preferences.

Paperwork + Processing

Tell your virtual assistant what you need, and they’ll keep track of timelines and prepare routine paperwork for you ahead of schedule.

Inbox Management

Save dozens of hours every week by having your virtual assistant organize your email and prioritize you most important messages.


Traditional recruiting couldn't keep up so they turned to Quickskill

The organization’s leadership team was growing faster than it could recruit, hire, and train executive assistants. The Vice President of Finance and Operations is responsible for executive support, and they needed to speed things up. 

“We found some great traditional recruiters, but we still couldn’t hire fast enough,” the VP said. “We also wanted to look outside the box of the traditional 1-1 executive to admin model because our executives and their team’s needs differ significantly.”  

quickskill worked with the team to identify five executives with distinct types of responsibilities for a pilot program to test the service…


We do background checks and offer enterprise level security 
One of our best practices is that only your Engagement Manager has access to credit card and other sensitive data, which is all encrypted in an enterprise version of LastPass that allows us to create vaults. This enables your VA to have access to the tools they need without the ability to see or control any credentials.  

Prialto is a values-driven company that exists to positively amplify people.  

As our founder, Eric Taussig, traveled through Asia and Latin America, he saw a glaring disparity between people’s qualifications and the job opportunities available to them. Meanwhile, he watched the rates of stress and burnout skyrocket amongst executives in the US.  

Prialto was created to benefit both of these groups.  

Prialto’s mission is not just to provide exceptional service to our members, but also support better lives for our workers by providing them with full-time employment with a fair wage, benefits, and ample opportunities for growth.

On average, virtual assistants work at Prialto for about 2 years.  That said, one of the best things about hiring Prialto is that we are a managed virtual assistant service. This means that even if your VA leaves the company, there is always a fully trained back-up ready to step in and deliver the same level of service without more hours lost on training.  

Absolutely, we want it!  

Every day, your VA will send you an email with what they accomplished that day, a list of upcoming appointments, and a place you can rate their service and give feedback. This feedback goes directly to your Engagement Manager who’s job it is to ensure your needs are being met.  

We appreciate positive feedback, but we also love hearing critical feedback so we can serve you better.  

We create a Member Manual for each of members where we keep detailed notes on all of your processes and preferences.  

This means that if a back-up VA needs to step in, you can keep focusing on your work instead of worrying about retraining them.  

Prialto headquarters are in Portland, Oregon, with service centers in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, but we are available to work in all North American time-zones and occasionally support European organizations as well.  

We know your time is precious, so we make this process as easy and efficient as possible.  

The first thing you will do is to fill out our Needs Assessment and have a Discovery Call.  

We will then create an Implementation Plan for you so everyone on your team is clear on processes, goals, and expectations.  

After an onboarding call between you and your new team, you can immediately start offloading key tasks to your new assistant.  

We aim to have our members enter “The Sweet Spot” within 3 months, where all essential processes are in place and running smoothly.  

You’re encouraged to check in with your VA regularly, (most members schedule a weekly call,) to ensure you’re getting the level of service you need.  And your whole team will continue to work behind the scenes to improve efficiencies and proactively identify new ways to make your life easier. 

While a virtual assistant can help you with research, routine paperwork preparation, and scheduling meetings with potential donors, they can’t write grant applications, negotiate deals, or give presentations.  

Curious how Quickskill can support your nonprofit?